Sentires Company, directed by the renowned dancer and teacher Ángel Carabajal, is an artistic-cultural corporation that promotes an Argentine show, with a proposal founded on professionalism and originality.

Some of his successful artistic proposals of Sentires were: Sentir lo nuestro, Sentir Tango, Yo Argentino, Bien nacional, Sentir Malambo, Somos Nosotros and Soy Festival, the latter presented in the 50 years of the national festival of Jesús María with more than 1500 artists on stage. These shows were also presented in different festivals and theaters in the country, Asia, Europe, Central and South America.

Sentires participated in various international festivals as the only national ambassadors. Among the countries visited are Italy, France, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Holland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland, Ecuador, Colombia, Germany, Mexico and South Korea. Important awards and international recognition were obtained there:

  • Outstanding Artistic Labor Veliko Tarnovo International Festival, Bulgaria.
  • Best international delegation Encontro Internacional de Folklore, Figueira da Foz, Portugal.
  • Recognition to the outstanding international delegation of the International Folklore Festival “Op Roakeldais” Warffum, Holland.
  • Speciale Costumi Prize – “Festival Mondiale del Folklore” Gorizia, Italy.
  • Best International Delegation 11 International Folklore Festival Winsmar, Germany.
  • Selected company for the choreography of the official opening of the International Festival of Minturno, Italy.
  • Special recognition for international artistic quality at the International Folk Festival “Incontro di cultura populare” Macherata, Italy.
  • Declared as an outstanding artistic group in the festivals of the AMFOS circuit – Italy.
  • Declared of municipal interest by the Municipality of Oncativo – Córdoba.
  • Declared of Municipal Cultural Interest by the Municipality of Villa Carlos Paz – Córdoba.
  • Declared of Provincial Cultural Interest by the Secretariat of Culture of the Province of Cordoba.
  • Declared and sponsored by the Secretary of Culture of the Presidency of the Nation.
  • Declared of high artistic/cultural interest by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Cult of the Nation.
  • Participation in the TV programs ‘Tu Mejor Sábado’ and ‘Tu Mejor Domingo’ of Canal 9 / Ideas del Sur (2015).
  • Opening of the Folklore of ‘Bailando Por un Sueño’ of Showmatch 2015.
  • Participation of the show ‘Bailando Tango’ by Mora Godoy in Corrientes Street, Buenos Aires.
  • Opening of the National Festival of Dressage and Folklore – Jesús María 2014 and 2015.
  • Participation in the Official Act of the Bicentennial Celebration of our Independence organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (2016).
  • Winners of the Best Director Award, VOS 2017 Awards – Villa Carlos Paz.
  • Winners Carlos de Plata 2017, Best Show Director (Ángel Carabajal), Best Musicians, Best Dance Body, Best Choreography (Ángel Carabajal), Male Revelation of the Season (Marcelo Iripino), Best Dancer (Fernando Bertona), Best Humoristic Work (Marcelo Josset).
  • Participation in the Opening of Showmatch 2017.
  • Participation in the TV programs ‘Morfi’ by Telefe, C5N.
  • Winners of the Best Singer Award (Marcelo Iripino), Feminine Revelation (Adabel Guerrero), Perfect Moment (Noelia Marzol) VOS 2018 Awards – Villa Carlos Paz.
  • Winners Carlos de Oro 2018, Best Director of Show (Ángel Carabajal), Best Dance Body, Best Choreography (Ángel Carabajal), Best Sound, Best Male Singer (Marcelo Iripino).

Sentires Company is within the national shows of the National Chancellery and the Secretary of Culture of the Presidency of the Nation, for the official representation of Argentine Popular Culture.

It is worth mentioning that this Company enables the integration of musicians and dancers from different cities and provinces of our country for artistic, cultural, national and international development.




Artistic Producer, Composer, Dancer and Master.



Idea and Direction: Ángel Carabajal
General production: Grupo Artes
Choreographies: Ángel Carabajal

Tour Manager: Franco Gaido
Manager: Melisa Bernardi

Adabel Guerrero
Marcelo Iripino
Julián Burgos
Jessica Benavidez
Maximiliano Daruch

Marcelo Josset
Chelo Rodriguez

Sound operator: Héctor Galase
Video operator: Emiliano Flores
Audiovisual design and production: Nadir Arte Visual

Adabel Guerrero
Celeste Muriega
Fernando Bertona
Ángel Carabajal
Mariana Gómez
Daiana Cruz
Ana Luz Bazet
Josefina Musso
Florencia Santibañez
Exequiel Avanza
Cristian Chirino
Leandro Oro
Agustín Pedernera
Joaquín Varas

Gonzalo Álvarez
Rodrigo Tejeda
Gabriel Feldman
Joel Fussero
Leandro Marsili
José Luis Sánchez